Dynamic solutions

With LED Projection, dynamic projections are also possible to enhance the safety and awareness of pedestrians using LED projection lamps. Through a combination of sensors and smart lighting technology, we create an interactive environment that increases pedestrians' awareness and warns them of potential hazards.
Sustainable solution
With a lifespan of 50,000 burning hours, you won't have to worry about the markings for years.
For every industry/sector
No impact from moisture, cold, or dust and dirt.
Cost effective
No maintenance costs for repairs or cleaning.
Flexible modifications
Easily modify the floor marking plan without causing damage
5-year warranty
Extended warranty due to excellent quality
Increase pedestrian awareness by utilizing sensors and/or flashing functions
Safety and longevity
With always clearly visible markings
Easy installation
Simple to install with clear provided assembly and connection instructions

Dynamic LED solutions

One of the innovative features we offer is the ability to adjust markings through sensors. By integrating sensors into the floor, we can detect when a vehicle, such as a forklift, is in the vicinity. Based on this detection, we can dynamically change the markings, for example, replacing a crosswalk with a caution forklift symbol. These visualizations ensure that pedestrians are immediately aware of the approaching vehicle and can take extra precautions.

Increase Pedestrian Awareness

Additionally, we offer the option to make symbols flash, further enhancing awareness. By causing specific symbols to flash, such as an exclamation mark or a warning icon, pedestrians' attention is immediately drawn. This increases their awareness of potential hazards in the environment and encourages them to be cautious.

Our dynamic solutions are specially designed to protect pedestrians and ensure their safety in industrial environments. By utilizing advanced technologies like sensors and smart lighting, we create an interactive and secure environment where pedestrians are aware of their surroundings and potential dangers.
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