Removing markings

The removal of markings is sometimes as important as their application, especially when changes in layout or the reuse of a particular area are required. Below, we look at the importance of removing markings and the processes involved.

Marking Removal: A necessary step for change

Removing markings is a critical step in adapting or reusing a space. The proper removal process depends on the specific situation and surface, but it's an important aspect of maintaining a safe and functional work environment.
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Why Marking Removal is Necessary:

  1. Layout changes: When the layout of a warehouse, factory, or other facility changes, existing markings need to be removed to make space for new markings or to repurpose the area.
  2. Repurposing of Space Sometimes, a space previously marked for a specific function, such as storage or production, needs to be repurposed for a different purpose. Removing markings is crucial for such repurposing.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: In some cases, outdated or improperly placed markings need to be removed to comply with specific industry regulations and standards.
  4. Replacement or Maintenance: "If markings are worn, damaged, or outdated, removing them may be the first step in applying new markings.

The Process of Marking Removal:

  1. Inspection: Start with a thorough inspection of the existing markings. Identify the markings that need to be removed.
  2. Determining the Removal Method: Depending on the type of marking and the surface it's applied to, various removal methods can be used. This may range from scraping, grinding to the use of chemical removal agents.
  3. Execution of Removal: Execute the removal according to the chosen method. This can be labor-intensive, depending on the extent of the markings.
  4. Preparation for New Markings: After the old markings have been removed, prepare the surface for new markings or the repurposing of the space

Benefits of Marking Removal


  • Flexibility: Marking removal enables change and adaptation in the work environment.
  • Compliance: Removing outdated or improperly placed markings aids in maintaining industry regulations.
  • Improved Visibility: Removing old markings contributes to a clean and well-organized work environment.
Sustainable solution
With a lifespan of 50,000 burning hours, you won't have to worry about the markings for years.
For every industry/sector
No impact from moisture, cold, or dust and dirt.
Cost effective
No maintenance costs for repairs or cleaning.
Flexible modifications
Easily modify the floor marking plan without causing damage
5-year warranty
Extended warranty due to excellent quality
Increase pedestrian awareness by utilizing sensors and/or flashing functions
Safety and longevity
With always clearly visible markings
Easy installation
Simple to install with clear provided assembly and connection instructions

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