Virtual LED Zebra projectors

In environments where machinery is used and there is significant (forklift) traffic, it is crucial for pedestrian safety to have clearly visible walking paths, safety routes, and especially crosswalks, allowing people to move safely within the facility.
Sustainable solution
With a lifespan of 50,000 burning hours, you won't have to worry about the markings for years.
For every industry/sector
No impact from moisture, cold, or dust and dirt.
Cost effective
No maintenance costs for repairs or cleaning.
Flexible modifications
Easily modify the floor marking plan without causing damage
5-year warranty
Extended warranty due to excellent quality
Increase pedestrian awareness by utilizing sensors and/or flashing functions
Safety and longevity
With always clearly visible markings
Easy installation
Simple to install with clear provided assembly and connection instructions

Prevent wear and enhance safety in high-traffic areas with LED Zebra-path Projectors

Crosswalks are often located in areas with significant traffic from both pedestrians and forklifts. This often results in high wear and tear of painted markings, leading to unsafe situations. LED projection provides the ideal solution, as projecting markings is not susceptible to wear, thus offering always-visible crosswalks, improving safety for both pedestrians and forklift drivers.

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Working with sensors
To further increase awareness, you can also work with sensors. For example, when a forklift approaches the crosswalks, warning symbols for forklifts are projected. Once the forklift departs, the crosswalks are projected again. This creates a dynamic projection and ensures even greater awareness. More information about dynamic solutions can be found under the heading "Dynamic Solutions."
Extremely long lifespan
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With LED projection, you not only enhance the safety and appearance of your company but also reduce long-term costs. Contact

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