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CEBO, a supplier of high-quality industrial minerals, has successfully implemented our projection lamps. Yannick shares his experience: "I am very satisfied with the lamps; we use them for positioning lighting when reversing bulk trucks. Despite the dusty environment, they work perfectly. The feedback from our drivers is also very positive. They even wonder why we didn't install this earlier! If the lamps are turned off, it is quickly noticed, and I receive requests to turn them back on."
Yannick Mossel
Supervisor Electrical Technical Service at CEBO Holland Ijmuiden
Trivium Packaging is a leading company with expertise in producing and supplying metal packaging. Due to the high noise level in our factory, safety lines and symbols are crucial for us. Clear markings and traffic rules are absolutely necessary. At one of our crossings, where heavy forklift traffic frequently passes, the stripes of the pedestrian crossing wore out quickly. This required regular repainting, leading to delays in our production process and additional costs. In consultation and with advice from Berd Koggel of LRI BV, we decided to project this pedestrian crossing with LED Projection, an innovative technology that took some getting used to. However, both we as facility managers and our colleagues on the shop floor are very satisfied with the results of this LED projection. The installation and connection of these lamps went smoothly
Wim Dwars
Facility Manager at Trivium Packaging in Deventer
RapidLine BV focuses on industrial markings and specializes in applying lines and symbols using UV technology. This unique technique shortens the "drying time" to just a few seconds. It may happen that we cannot always provide our customers with our marking materials, for example, due to unfavorable environmental factors such as too cold, humid, or dirty conditions, or because the substrate is not suitable for marking. To still assist our customers, we refer them to LRI BV. Their LED projection lamps often offer a solution. We are well aware of the high-quality of their products and have confidence that our customers are in good hands with them. We are satisfied because this way, we can still help our customers.
Collin Holtmaat
Director at RapidLine in Raalte